About Us

The Sanatan Dharm Mandir, the one of its kind in Greater Seattle Area, opened its doors on October 4, 2008 to all.

The Sanatam Dharm Mandir is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization located in South King County. It was built on the enthusiasm of many in the hopes to prosper by the devotion of all. With this in mind, we are led by the following Mission, Vision, and Cultural goals:

Mission – It is our mission to create and maintain a Sanatan Dharm Mandir so that the ancient Vedic culture and wisdom may stay in the hearts of all for generations to come.

Vision – It is our vision to unite all individuals by the common wisdom that can be found within Sanatan Dharma.

Culture – As a temple, we are determined to create an atmosphere that promotes cultural awareness by organizing cultural programs and events. We wish for all individuals to be part of one community tied together by the wisdom derived from Sanatan Dharm.

The Mandir is guided by the Pandit & Guru S. R. Shastri Ji and diverse “Sevaks” or Board Members, who ensure a community of togetherness, love and devotion prospers, to benefit the faith and all its followers.