“Dakshina” or “thanks” or “a gift”, as in the Vedas refers to the donation of a cow. The feminine “dakṣiṇā” being a term for a cow able to calve and give milk in the Rigveda. Incidentally, Dakshina is also personified as a goddess along with Brahmanaspati, Indra and Soma!

The various enhancements and improvements in the Mandir, its general upkeep and hosting of special events, are well supported by your generous contributions or Dakshinas, both in cash and kind.

For some supporters, it is their valuable time which is a form of giving back to the society. They serve the larger interests of the community, with their involvement and offering selfless services. For some others, unable to contribute their time, the support comes in form of donations to the temple. These funds help the Mandir to not only maintain and upkeep, but also invest in expansions and hosting many social services, that benefit larger interests.

You are very welcome to contribute to the Mandir in any form you like. E-payments are accepted through the secure portal here.